Who stands behinds Minnetonka's ?

I would like to introduce to you. My name is Ursula Gleich and we live in Rees on the Lower Rhine.My great passion was and is valid for the animals. Why Norwegian ?

The Norwegian forest  ; I love the breed , they are so gentle, balanced and beautiful.

The Norwegian is a very social animal and a single attitude unsuitable.

I breed according to the rules and the standards of the Fifé and I am a member of the 1. DEKZV (Fife member), the oldest cat club in Germany,

connected to the FIFE.

My breeding aim are healthy being strong great Norwegian with the special Norwegian charisma and character that makes this cats so unique and lovable.

The cats and the kitten live in the complete house and a secured garden.

Breeding cats get  HCM/PKD screening  ,they are all GSDIV n/n and PKdef n/n. You can find the results under Pawpeds. 

Thoughts for breeding male:

I have the privilege that my males Jubii and Top Gun don't spray. I know that it's  not normal . The boys live not seperated, and they can move freely in the house and garden. But this is not the rule. A breeder friend holds her males in a very nice cat house with connection to a garden. Her rules:

At the latest after three years, her potent males be neutered because it takes the view that potent males have a right to life with their family . Potent males attitude is not easy and it's by strongly marked hangover  often necessary to make a decision about the welfare of the animals so that they can live a good life with their humans.

For breeders who keep their potent males in small crates until they fall dead I have no understanding for them.


I put on a high quality food from the beginning. Raw feeding is on the daily menu. Even the small kitten eat raw with great enthusiasm. Dry food withhout grain

is only a little highlight for them but not every day.

If you have any question don't hesitate to call us. Sometimes we have kitten, they can walk in her new home with 14 weeks. We don't sell kitten via internet and we expect that the kitten buyer will come personaly in our home.

I am always happy when I get messages or pictures of my former kitten. The responsibility for my kitten does not stop at the threshold of my house.

For questions or interest please don't hesitat to contact me. You are welcome.